Online Enrollment

PPI offers our clients online enrollment through an HRIS system, myHRstorage. A one-stop hub for employees to enroll, educate and access their benefits. Throughout the year, employees can make address updates, access plan information. HR administrators company communication is done with ease. Easily track documents you need to share with your entire workforce. Everything you do to inform employee benefits offered to your employees is now integrated into one secure HR management system making your employees benefits administration simple.


Onsite Meetings

We provide enrollment meetings for all of our new and renewing clientele. Thus helping to educate your employee on the benefits you offer and how they can get the most out of their plan.


Virtual Meetings

Do you have multiple locations and/or out-of-state employees? No problem! We offer the convenience of virtual enrollment meetings, with the same quality and performance they would otherwise receive in person.


Bi-Lingual Meetings

We eliminate language barriers. We have Spanish speaking representatives to help host meetings and always available to answer any questions you might have.

High Angle View Of Businessman Video Conferencing With Colleague On Computer In Office
FSWF 2016 - Taken by KS Union

Wellness Management Fairs

Throughout the year you may want to engage your employee in a Wellness Fair. Promoting healthy lifestyles company wide. Decrease your sick time and increase your productivity. Employee engagement promotes overall job satisfaction which leads happy employees. Happy employees = Success!